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Sani-Stor Instrument Holder

The Sani-Stor instrument holder provides a simple, convenient and hygienic way to store instruments between uses.
⦁ Protects against contamination between uses.
⦁ Permits air-drying to inhibit bacterial growth.
⦁ Locking slot secures yankauer and keeps instrument above bottom of holder.
⦁ Universal, latex-free elastomeric strap attaches to rails and poles.
⦁ Accommodates multiple yankauer styles.

Studies indicate intensive care areas can be contaminated with pathogens, and yankauers often come in contact with environmental surfaces due to improper storage practices. The Sani-Stor holder protects the patient by guarding the yankauer from contact with potentially contaminated surfaces such as bed linens, furniture and equipment. Staff and family members are also protected from contamination of bed rails and tables by the yankauer after use.
The Sani-Stor holder is ideal for patients who self-suction, too.

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