Trademark Medical

bioxtra Oral Moisturizing Gel

bioXtra Dry Mouth Oral Gel acts as an effective substitute for natural saliva by regulating the microenvironment of the mouth. 

Oral Care and Dental Hygiene

Plak-Vac® is a reusable oral hygiene instrument for patients with difficulty swallowing and expectorating, or who cannot perform routine oral care.

Cast, Bandage and Dressing Covers

ShowerSafe™ is a reusable waterproof plastic cover that keeps casts, bandages and dressings dry during bathing and showering.

Pill Crushers

A comprehensive offering of medication

Wound Care and Prevention

General purpose clinical aids for the management and healing of skin ulcers and wounds.

Hand Powered Suction Systems

A comprehensive offering of medication crushers and splitters designed for easier pill dispensation and administration.

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