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Neonatal Oral Therapy

The Plak-Vac® Petite Oral Therapy System is designed to support the implementation of Oral Therapy protocols and regimens, through a combination of unique petite oral swabs and custom tailored Plak-Vac kits.  

Plak-Vac® Petite Swabs

Plac-Vac® Petite applicator swabs feature soft, size-appropriate, absorbent polyurethane foam heads. These small profile swabs are ideal for hard to reach areas in the oral cavity and for small patients and those with limited oral access.  Choose from 6, 8 and 12 mm head sizes.

Our unique Plak-Vac® Petite L.A. Low Absorption Swab was developed for applications where the loss of oral therapy solution (e.g., colostrum) must be minimized. The Petite LA swab is size appropriate for even the smallest babies and features a soft, non-shedding foam head that will not lint or fray when wet, and a smooth polypropylene handle rather than wood.

Our complete line of Petite Swabs offers:

  • Size appropriate heads are a more comfortable fit for tiny mouths.
  • Soft, non-linting and non-shedding polyurethane foam heads leave behind no fibers and are non-abrasive.
  • Proprietary method of sealing the foam head to the handle without adhesives or chemicals.
  • Six inch polypropylene swab handle for easy maneuverability.
  • Four sizes accommodate to neonatal and pediatric use, 6, 8, 12 mm. and L.A. Swab.
  • Individually wrapped, 300 per case.

Plak-Vac® Petite Oral Therapy Kits

Plak-Vac® Petite Oral Therapy Kits are custom-tailored to your unique oral care protocol. Designed to facilitate all oral care regimens to maximize protocol compliance while minimizing waste and cost. Plak-Vac® petite oral therapy kits incorporate 6, 8 and 12 mm. petite swabs with mouth moisturizers, sterile water or a variety of other components  and can be organized from simple single use swab kits to complete 24 hour point-of-care kits, and labeled with protocol instructions and hourly treatment times.
Colostrum Administration Kits also available with menu of components including sterile syringes to collect and administer the colostrum while maximizing dose delivery for oropharyngeal absorption.

Flexible Menu of Kit Components reduces waste and cost while supporting protocol compliance. 

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