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ShowerSafe is a reusable waterproof plastic covering that keeps casts, bandages and dressings dry during bathing and showering.

  • Prevents cast replacement
  • Prevents bandage replacement
  • Prevents dressing changes
  • Prevent infection from moisture exposure
  • Prevents risk of injury from trying to keep limbs outside the tub or shower

Patients with fractures, wounds and IV sites are frequently unable to bathe easily due to concerns about water damage to casts, bandages and 

The ShowerSafe is made of heavy, 4 mil plastic for maximum durability and protection.

Unique DoubleSeal design protects in two ways – the first seal is made by the elastic cuff that adjusts to limb size and provides a snug fit, the second seal is made by the integral WrapAround strap that seals around the elastic cuff and the limb for the ultimate in waterproof protection.

ShowerSafe is available in nine sizes, including  knee and elbow models to meet a complete range of applications including:

  • Casts
  • Bandages and Dressings
  • Surgical Wounds
  • I.V. Sites
  • PICC Catheter Lines
  • Orthopedic procedures

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