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Personal Protective Equipment & Sharps Safety Products: Scalpel Safety

Blade-Safe Surgical Blade Remover

The Blade-Safe is designed to prevent sharps injury when removing surgical blades from scalpel handles.

Product Information


The Blade-Safe allows safe removal of scalpel blades in three steps:

  1. Place scalpel blade in Blade-Safe device
  2. Snap Blade-Safe lid closed to contain blade
  3. Remove blade by holding Blade-Safe in one hand and pulling scalpel handle with the other

After handle has been removed, the scalpel blade is contained within the Blade-Safe. Dispose of the Blade-Safe and blade in appropriate sharps container.

Use for blades up to and including #20, and for #3 and #4 reusable handles only.

Available in single sterile and non-sterile packages.

730 Blade-Safe Surgical Blade Remover
Non-sterile individually packaged – Box of 100
750 Blade-Safe Surgical Blade Remover
Sterile individually packaged – Box of 50
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