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Miscellaneous: Pill Crushers/Splitters

MediCrush™ Nesting Cup Crusher/Splitter Model CGS-001

All-in-one, single-patient, 1 oz. medication nesting cup set with combined pill crushing and splitting functionality.

Deluxe Pill and Tablet Crusher Model 100

A durable plastic crusher for medication preparation. Uses plastic crush cups #101.


All Metal Crusher Model 107

A chrome and stainless steel unit providing extended usage. Uses plastic crush cups #101.


EZ Swallow Combination Splitter
and Crusher Model 510

Small and easy to use. Splits, crushes and stores.


EZ Swallow Pill and Tablet Crusher
Model 500

Small, light easy to carry with medication storage compartment.


Personal Pill and Tablet Crusher
Model 7335

Transparent plastic permits contents to be viewed.


Pill-Verizer® Model 150

Aluminum pliers type crusher - for use with unit dose packages and paper or plastic medication bags.


1⁄2 oz. Crush Cups Model 101

For #100 and #107 Pill Tablet Crushers, packaged 100 and 1,000 per bag.


Dispenser for Crush Cups Model 102

For #101 crush cups, holds 100 1⁄2 oz. cups.

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CGS-001 MediCrush™ Nesting Cup Crusher/Splitter
Sleeve of 25
100 Deluxe Plastic Table Top Pill/Tablet Crusher
107 All Metal Table Top Pill/Tablet Crusher
150 Pill-Verizer Pliers – Type Unit Dose Pill/Tablet Crusher
500 EZ Swallow Personal Pill/Tablet Container and Crusher
510 EZ Swallow Personal Pill/Tablet Container, Crusher and Splitter
7335 Personal Pill/Tablet Container and Crusher – Transparent Plastic
101 1⁄2 oz. Crush Cups for #100 and #107 Pill/Tablet Crushers
Bag of 100
102 Dispenser for #101 Crush Cups Holds 100 Cups
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