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Medical Professional and Institutional Products

Medical Professional and Institutional Products

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Anesthesia Products
Kwik Scan Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitor
An array of offerings facilitating the monitoring and positioning of anesthetized patients.
Critical Care Products
Plak-Vac Suction Toothbrush
Oral Care and Suction Hygiene devices designed to improve care and outcomes.
Dental Products
Plak-Vac/Res-Q-Vac Combination
Systems and Accessories enabling visiting, institutional, and office-based dental procedures.


Orthopedic Products
Protective covers and aids for safe, comfortable management of casts and wounds.
Patient Care
Silent Speaker Communication Aid
A variety of solutions for both patients and clinicians.
Podiatry Products
Heel Protector and Wound Measuring Guide
Items supporting the practitioner's care regimen.
Personal Protective Equipment & Sharps Safety Products
Safety Goggles
Devices for minimizing healthcare worker injury and exposure.
Scales/Body Composition Analyzers
Tanita Body Fat Analyzer and Printer
A broad menu of accurate monitoring alternatives for all clinical settings.
Miscellaneous Products
MediCrush Pill Crusher
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