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Dental Products: Suction Toothbrush


Plak-Vac is a reusable single patient oral hygiene instrument for patients with difficulty swallowing and expectorating, or who cannot perform routine oral care.

  • Make oral hygiene simple and effective
  • Remove mucus and food build-up, as well as plaque, bacteria and fluid
  • Help eliminate chronic halitosis
  • Reduce the risk of infection, aspiration and pneumonia
  • Facilitates mobile/visiting dentistry procedures

Product Information


The Plak-Vac Suction Toothbrush provides the ultimate in care for patients requiring assistance with oral hygiene. A combination yankauer suction tube and Evacuator Brush, the Plak-Vac allows the removal of debris, plaque, bacteria and fluid from the mouth of patients who are unable to swallow or have difficulty swallowing and expectorating. The Plak-Vac has soft bristles that are gentle to gums, teeth and other tissues in the mouth. Suction level is controlled by a finger control port located in the Plak-Vac handle.

Plak-Vac is ideally suited for use with both wall suction and portable pumps.

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Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® Combination

Our Plak-Vac/Res-Q-Vac combination features the Plak-Vac oral suction evacuator brush with the Res-Q-Vac hand powered suction system.

Product Information

The combination unit allows for the delivery of dental care in remote locations such as extended care and rehabilitation facilities as well as in-home sites where wall vacuum or portable pumps are not available.

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2260 Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® Replacement Canister and Tubing Kit (Non-sterile)
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