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Critical Care Products

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Suction Toothbrush
Plak-Vac Oral Suction Toothbrush
Plak-Vac® is a reusable single patient oral hygiene and suction instrument for patients who are intubated, have difficulty swallowing and expectorating, or who cannot perform routine oral care.
Oral Care Kits
Plak-Vac Oral Suction Toothbrush
Plak-Vac® custom oral care kits and accessories to improve oral hygiene.
Patient Communication Aids
Silent Speaker Communication Aid
Graphic aids to enhance communication between patients and caregivers.
Portable Suction System
Res-Q-Vac Portable Suction System
Res-Q-Vac® is a hand-powered portable suction system that creates hospital-level suction power without batteries or electricity.
Respiratory Circuit Holder
Tube Tree
The adjustable tube tree secures breathing circuits and relieves strain on connections to endotracheal tubes.
Suction Anti-Reflux Valve
Anti-Reflux Valves
Gastric fluid reflux device protects both patient and caregiver.
Wound Care
Heel Protector and Wound Measuring Guide
General purpose clinical aids for the management and healing of skin ulcers and wounds.
Oral Care Swabs and Accessories
Oral Care Swabs and Accessories
Plak-Vac® oral care swabs and accessories for the full range of oral care needs.
Yankauer Instrument Holder
Yankauer Instrument Holder
Sani-Stor® provides hygienic, cost effective storage for yankauers by protecting against accidental contact with contaminated surfaces and by allowing the yankauer to air-dry between uses.
Petite Applicator Swabs and Kits
Petite Applicator Swabs and Kits
Plak-Vac® Petite 6 and 8 mm oral care swabs for use on hard to reach areas of the oral cavity and for small patients and those with limited oral access.


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