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Critical Care: Suction Toothbrush


Plak-Vac is a reusable single patient oral hygiene and suction instrument for intubated patients or those with difficulty swallowing and expectorating, or who cannot perform routine oral care.

  • Make oral hygiene simple and effective
  • Remove mucus and food build-up, as well as plaque, bacteria and fluid
  • Help eliminate chronic halitosis
  • Reduce the risk of infection, aspiration and pneumonia
  • Eliminate the need for separate yankauers, evacuator brushes and suction catheters
  • Assists in the reduction of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

Product Information


The Plak-Vac Suction Toothbrush provides the ultimate in care for patients requiring assistance with oral hygiene. A combination yankauer suction tube and Evacuator Brush, the Plak-Vac allows the removal of debris, plaque, bacteria and fluid from the mouth of patients who are unable to swallow or have difficulty swallowing and expectorating. The Plak-Vac has soft bristles that are gentle to gums, teeth and other tissues in the mouth. Suction level is controlled by a finger control port located in the Plak-Vac handle.

Plak-Vac is ideally suited for use with both wall suction and portable pumps.

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2200 Plak-Vac® Suction Toothbrush
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