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Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® Combination

Our Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® combination features the Plak-Vac oral suction  Toothbrush with the Res-Q-Vac hand powered suction system.

The Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® combination features the Plak-Vac® suction toothbrush with the Res-Q-Vac® hand-powered suction system and is perfect for home care and long-term care use where a wall or portable suction may not be available. No batteries or power are required. The Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac® combination comes with a 300 cc collection canister and a special Plak-Vac® suction toothbrush.

Plak-Vac/Res-Q-Vac combination Directions for Use

Plak-Vac® Oral Suction Toothbrush with Res-Q-Vac Hand Operated Portable Suction Pump, 300 cc Canister and Tubing

Reorder Number 2213


Plak-Vac®/Res-Q-Vac Replacement Kit: Contains cc Canister and Tubing

Reorder Number 2260


Plak-Vac® Oral Suction Toothbrush for use with Res-Q-Vac Hand Powered Portable Suction System

Reorder Number 2201


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