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Tips For Using the ShowerSafe Cover

  • Under certain conditions, condensation may form on the inside of the ShowerSafe due to sweating during showering or bathing. Lightly wrap affected limb with a thin towel to absorb moisture if desired.
  • Turn ShowerSafe inside out after use to allow the inside to dry thoroughly between uses.
  • If the ShowerSafe is punctured or torn, repair with waterproof tape (duct tape, waterproof first aid tape, etc.)
  • Non-skid tape may be applied to the ShowerSafe cover to help prevent slipping when wet.
  • Carefully trim the rubber WrapAround strap if it is too long.
  • Occasionally wash the inside of the ShowerSafe cover with warm water and soap to prevent odor build up.
  • ShowerSafe bag may “bunched up” if the cover is longer than needed.