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Res-Q-Vac® Hand-Powered Portable Suction System

Res-Q-Vac Hand-Powered Portable Suction System

Res-Q-Vac is a hand-powered portable suction system that creates hospital-level suction power without batteries or electricity.

Res-Q-Vac is ideal for oral suctioning, and other situations where suction is needed:

  • Patients with swallowing difficulties
  • Patients with airways
  • Stroke patients
  • Enhanced oral care in combination with the Plak-Vac suction toothbrush

Res-Q-Vac is a hand-powered portable suction system consisting of the reusable Res-Q-Vac suction pump handle, and a variety of disposable suction canister and suction tube configurations.

The Res-Q-Vac weighs less than 1⁄2 pound and uses no batteries or electricity—and only two compressions of the handle can create hospital-level suction power of over 400 mmHg to meet most suction needs. Suction levels of over 550 mmHg can be achieved if needed.

Unlike electric or battery-powered suction systems, Res-Q-Vac is always ready to use on a moment’s notice because it does not rely on batteries or electricity to work—and it requires no maintenance!

The Res-Q-Vac design is time tested and has been used extensively by emergency medical services around the United States and the world.

Res-Q-Vac is available with these catheter options:

A. Model 2240: Soft Large Bore catheter with beveled tip (1⁄2 inch diameter, 7 1⁄2 inches long) with 300 cc cannister
B. Model 2248: A Rigid Yankauer style suction tube (5⁄16 inch diameter, 7 inches long) with 300 cc cannister
C. Model 2222: Two 14 French ( 3⁄16") catheters ( 3 1⁄2 inches and 14 inches long) with 300 cc cannister
D. Model 2213: Plak-Vac/Res-Q-Vac Combination Kit with 50 cc cannister


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