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Why Measure Body Fat?

Body fat is not always visible and it can't be determined by using an ordinary scale. Until now, getting a body fat reading has been expensive and time-consuming, usually conducted only through medical and athletic facilities – or simply left to guesswork.

Tanita® has re-invented BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) – one of the most accurate professional methods of determining body composition – and made it available for home use.

Electrodes built into Tanita's patented "foot-pad" sends a safe, low-level signal through the body. BIA analyzes the speed at which the signal passes through muscle and fat. The more muscle, the faster the speed. It factors in gender, height and weight to increase the accuracy of the reading. Tanita's BIA method is a totally new all-in-one process that is accurate, convenient and fast.

Medical research tells us that it's not the amount of weight you have but the amount of body fat that's potentially dangerous to your health. Carrying too much body fat can increase your risk of developing serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Studies show that maintaining a healthy body fat percentage can reduce your risk and help prevent the onset of these conditions.

Tanita products give you a more complete picture of the shape you're in because they tell if you're losing pounds from fat or from muscle. They're essential tools for monitoring the progress of any exercise and diet program. They provide the facts you need to make the right decisions and, used over time, they can help you take the right steps toward a healthier life.